Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nominate the Outstanding Patient, Caregiver or Medical Professional in Your Life

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Sally Maddox
PH patient, Greater Atlanta Georgia Support Group Leader, PHA Board of Trustees member, 2012 PHA Conference Committee Awards Chair

Here is your opportunity to show some love to those that work hard in the PH community by nominating them for an Outstanding Member Award.

I have been to all PHA Conferences since they started in Stone Mountain, Ga., in 1994, and the Outstanding Member Awards have been a part of them for the majority of them. I first became involved with the awards when I was asked to present an award to Barbara Smith and her family many, many years ago. Barbara was a dear friend of mine that did so many things for the pulmonary hypertension community. In the early years, her entire family did registration at Conference. which is a huge undertaking from making sure that all the name tags were correct to registering people that just showed up to Conference the day it started.

Of course, there are many other stories about an outstanding Physician or Nurse. The list of those that have been presented the Outstanding Patient Award and Support Group Leader award reads like a Who's Who list in PHA history. Let's not forget our caregivers that fight this PH battle with us daily.

You can view the different categories and nominate someone through our online form in the Awards section.

The deadline to nominate is March 15, 2012 (Feb 29, 2012 for Outstanding Physician). Don't wait to nominate!

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