Monday, July 2, 2012

We Can Make It Happen

by Mary Jo Piatek

Wow, what a great experience this conference was for me. I learned and understand this disease so much better now. I would like to thank the PHA, I was a lucky person to receive a scholarship for the conference, without it, it may have been a problem to get there. I went with my sister, both of us were glad we went. She even said she understands this disease a little bit better as well as understands the way I feel.

It's such a big world out there and sometimes you think you are all alone, but now I know that is not the case. Talking to different people, and knowing we are all in it together.

I can't say enough about the PHA and the hard work and dedication they put into this, I'm happy I joined and to be a part of it.

I do wish the disease could be caught much earlier and one day there be a cure for it. I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago and never heard of it before. I guess you can say it was a new beginning. Sometimes it's still hard to accept. I know there were some people a lot worse off than me and some were so much better. All the speakers were great, the Dr's & nurses were just as great.

Once again I thank everyone who is involved -- you're doing a great job and it shows. I hope to attend the next conference in Indiana as well. Keep up the great work and thank you again. It was an experience I will never forget.


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  1. This blog was posted by my sister, Mary Jo Piatek, last year after the PHA Conference. It breaks my heart to tell you she lost her battle with Pulmonary Hypertension last month. Her son is running in the Chicago Marathon to raise funds for PHA in her memory. If you paste this link in your browser it will take you to his story and donation site:

    Please consider supporting my nephew by making a tax deductable donation to PHA through his FirstGiving site.

    Thank you.

    Jacqueline Sarlo, Mary Jo's sister