Tuesday, June 19, 2012

$226,855 in Scholarships Awarded

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Rebecca Gifford
PHA Meeting Planning Associate

Hello all! I write this only hours before I head down to Florida for Conference and I couldn’t be more excited! I have had the privilege of spending the last few months working on our 2012 Conference Scholarship Program, which means I’ve probably spoken to a large number of you. The popularity of our program grew tremendously this year. In 2010 we received 376 applications; this year that number grew to 412! And out of that 412, 283 were able to accept our scholarship offer, compared to 186 in 2010. This year we gave out $226,855 in scholarships!

Here is a little background on the community attending this year thanks to the generosity of our donors:

Out of the 412 applications we received (with some being represented in more than one category):
  • 278 have never been to Conference
  • 9 were diagnosed in 2012
  • 29 were diagnosed in 2011
  • 47 were diagnosed in 2010
  • 48 are parents of children with PH
  • 122 are Support Group Leaders or Support Line Volunteers
Make sure you check out the scholarship page so you can see the list of all the organizations and individuals who continue to make this program possible.

I’ll see you in Orlando!

*Please note all statistics reported are as of COB 6/8/2012


  1. Thank yall so much for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime by going to conference!!!!I have never been so overwhelmed with the feelings of friendship and love! I am not going to miss the next one and I hope that others are inspired to go as well!!We are not alone and conference is definatley the place to be!! Thanks again!

  2. I wanted to Thank you all the sponsor's and the volunteers for giving me this opportunity in my life to making it possible. The conference was an eye opening for me, where i was able to meet and get connect with people from all walks of their life. There was so much to learn and educate at the PHA conference and I am going for the next conference that is taking place at Indianapolis. I have come back with so much of inspiration and hope. I am happy I attend the conference and thank you once again to all the sponsor's and the volunteer's who made this happen.