Saturday, June 23, 2012

Standing Room Only at Medically Led Sessions

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Diane Greenhalgh
PHA Director, Web Services

The Medically Led Sessions, which are presented by experts in the field of pulmonary hypertension for patients and caregivers, began this morning with a bang. We have some great topics and some sessions were standing room only they were so popular. One session, the "Investigational Therapies/Stem Cell in PH - What's on the Horizon" was flowing out the door (see right). Some of the topics today and tomorrow include:
  • Basics of PH: Everything You Wanted to Know about PAH, but You Have to Ask
  • Guinea Pig or Hero - The Journey through Clinical Trials
  • Defensive Dining: Eating to Maintain Health and Avoid Complications - How to Eat Smart
  • Surgery and Anesthesia in Patients with PH: What You Should Know
  • Emergency Situations and Primary Care Issues
  • PAH Drug Development: The Pipeline Runneth Over
  • Diagnostics in PH - What Do All the Tests Mean?
  • PH in the Setting of Liver Disease - What Makes it Different?
  • Teeth, Bones and Other Surgical Problems for Kids with PH
  • Education for the PH Caregiver
All sessions will be available on PHA Classroom in a few months for everyone to view.

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