Monday, June 11, 2012

What You Are Most Looking Forward To

We asked our online community to complete the following sentence. This is how they responded.

At PHA's upcoming International PH Conference I am most looking forward to....
  • knowing many people with this condition and learn about new research super excited !!
  • I can't decide but probably just meeting people and learning more about PH. :-) 
  • For me, meeting new phriends and catching up with old phriends. Also, volunteering! 
  • ‎:) can't wait !!!
  • hearing about it. LOL!! 
  • learning new things and meeting friends! 
  • Spending time, laughing & having fun with phriends. 
  • podcasting!
  • Seeing all my colleagues and learning something new! 
  • smiling faces and people who can motivate me to do fund-raising
  • Meeting other people who are going through the same illness as me. 
  • Everything. I am looking very forward to this conference. Thanks to the help of PHA and others who donate to scholarship fund I am able to attend.
  • Everything! It's our first conference! 
  • motivation, learning, and meeting online friends. 
  • learning about nutrition and what I can do to support other PHers and how to raise awareness. Soooo thankful to those that support the scholarship fund so I get to go! 
  • Learning what is happening in the research field, and just experiencing being with other people with this disease.
  • Getting to know other people my age who are struggling with PH. 
  • See my doctor talk there. 
  • education and meeting fellow PH'ers 
  • Wish I could be there to learn all there is to learn & meet others with the same issues. Hope there will be audio and/or videos for those of us who don't have the money to attend. (editors note: recordings will be available after Conference) Have fun everyone! 
  • meeting other people who "breath like me".

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