Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Than Just Breakfast…the Most Important Meal of the Day

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Amanda Nguyen
PHA Medical Services Intern

Dr. Robyn Barst, MD, is seen here talking to patients about
young adults with PH transitioning to adulthood during the
‘Dine with a Medical Professional Breakfast’ at the 2010 Conference.
How often do you get to have a conversation with a pulmonary hypertension expert over a nice meal? Many of us never get this opportunity. The formality of a doctor’s visit may make it difficult for some to have an open dialogue with their healthcare provider. At Conference, we encourage active conversation between patients and medical professionals with the “Dine with a Medical Professional Breakfast.” This unique gathering brings everyone together for a lively discussion about PH-related issues.

This special breakfast is a two-part meal session. The first half will feature a panel of two doctors and one nurse who will be answering questions about PH. The second half of the breakfast is a breakout discussion that takes place at the individual tables. Each table is assigned a different discussion topic and a medical professional ready to answer questions. Upon entry into the dining room, attendees will be given a map of the tables and topics to choose from. This interactive activity generates conversations about specific PH issues that are of interest to the patient.

This year’s breakfast, “Empowered Patients: Ask a Medical Professional,” will take place the morning of Saturday, June 23. Dr. Karen Fagan, MD, will be the moderator of a two-person panel featuring Dr. Robyn Barst, MD, and Traci Stewart, RN, MSN. You can look forward to a host of topics for the dine with a medical professional component of the breakfast ranging from general PH issues to specific topics about pediatric PH, various associated diseases and much more. There will also be several topics for Spanish speakers.

Medical professionals have always valued this event at Conference as a way to interact with patients in an informal setting. Traci Stewart, RN, MSN, one of this year’s panelists said, “The Power Breakfast is a fantastic opportunity for medical professionals and patients to talk together outside a clinical setting and chat about the PH issues that matter the most to them.” Before embarking on another busy day of Conference, don’t miss out on the chance to network with other patients and doctors and of course, enjoy a lovely breakfast at the same time.

And a quick reminder that online registration closes tomorrow at 3 p.m. If you haven't already, register now!

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